The use of cupping has become increasingly popular worldwide, especially among (professional) athletes. Cupping therapy is one of the favorite therapies for athletes, in reducing the tension of the muscles, promoting recovery of an injury and thereby improving their overall performance. This, however, is just a small part of what cupping can be used for.

Cupping is known in the larger part of China as an ancient traditional therapy. In TCM cupping therapy is not only used for muscle pain but also for deep detoxification of the body. This is because it stimulates blood circulation and helps to remove blockages of the Qi (energy).

When placed on the body along important acupuncture points, the vacuum action of cupping forces subcutaneous connective tissue, muscles and blood vessels to contract. This stimulation triggers a series of neuro-endocrine responses, thereby better regulating vasomotor function and vascular permeability. Local blood circulation is improved, which in general promotes recovery.

The stimulation of specific acupuncture points also removes blockages in the meridians, and thereby improves the flow of energy. And a good energy flow results in a stronger overall condition.

Because of the detoxification effect of cupping, the immune system is activated, which strengthens the body’s own resistance. Usually, a kind of dark red or purplish color appears on the skin after cupping, which automatically recovers after a few days. This is a positive sign of the ongoing detox process.

At ChinaMedic we use a modern cupping technique, whereby the cup can be vacuumed on the skin via a pump. It is safe method and easy adjustablein creating the desired pressure.

Cupping therapy is suitable for stress related issues such as headaches, muscle tension, RSI, sport related injuries, back-, arm- or shoulder injuries and stiffness, or frozen shoulder. Furthermore, regular application of cupping can help support wellness and good health.

After a session it is advised to drink plenty of (luke)warm water and to wait with taking a shower until the following day.

We do not recommend cupping during pregnancy, people with high blood pressure, people suffering from blood diseases or cardiovascular diseases.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly can acupuncture help with?

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to remedy and improve a wide range of diseases and complaints. For an acupuncturist, the approach is simple: energy flows or it doesn't flow. The symptoms show where there may be a blockage in the body and this affects the rest of the body. In addition, the acupuncturist is about activating the self-healing capacity of the body. This makes acupuncture applicable to both sleep disorders and skin problems, allergies, addictions, depression, menopausal symptoms, burnout, rsi and so on. If you want to know how far acupuncture can help you, make an appointment for a 1st consultation and have yourself fully examined. The acupuncturist can then immediately tell you what we can do for you.

How many times do I have to come?

To give you a reliable and accurate estimate of the number of treatments you need, it is best to discuss this with your acupuncturist. If you have never been to an acupuncturist, you can make an appointment for a first consultation with possible treatment. The acupuncturist can then give you an estimate based on your complaints and the consultation.

Is acupuncture painful?

We use extra-thin needles for Abdominal Acupuncture. The punctures are hardly noticeable. People sometimes don't even feel where they are. Occasionally, someone may perceive a strange feeling, also described as nagging, numb, upset or painful. This feeling is often over.

The LaserNeedle that we often use in combination with puncturing needles is invasive and you don't feel it. The LaserNeedle is ideally suited for those who are afraid of needles and small children.

What does an acupuncture treatment cost?

A 1st consultation with subsequent treatment costs € 75.00. Each follow-up treatment costs € 60.00. ChinaMedic is affiliated with the NVA (Dutch Association of Acupuncture) and treatment is reimbursed by most insurers in the supplementary. It is advisable to contact your insurer what exactly this means for you. For a full price list of all our treatments CLICK HERE

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